Windows 8.1

Both laptops booted to the login screen in eight seconds, under both Windows 8. One feature that may potentially shave a few seconds off real-world boot times is Windows 10's facial recognition tool, which allows a user to be logged in the minute they sit in front of their PC. This feature, however, requires a special Intel RealSense 3D camera — and will not work with an ordinary webcam. Along with fingerprint readers, these Windows 8.1 are now relatively common in high-end notebooks, which gives Windows 10 a slight edge. Winner Windows 10, by a whisker, but only if you count the small potential time saving of facial recognition. Windows 10 vs Windows 8. Although the error was partially corrected by Windows 8. Windows 10 puts that right, albeit with an imperfect hybrid of the Windows 7 Start menu and Windows 8 Start Windows 8.1. On desktops and laptops, the Start menu emerges from the bottom-left corner of the screen, with most-used programs listed Windows 8.1 the left-hand side, along with a link to an A-Z listing of all installed apps, while the Windows 8.1 side shows the Live Tiles of the Windows 8 era. On tablets, Windows 8.1 works very similarly to the Windows 8.1 it did under Windows 8.

Windows 8.1


How to Speed Up Your Windows 8.1 Performance (best settings)

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