How much is Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter really cost?

On Jan. The reason for the price reduction is "to better align SPLA prices with subscription prices," according to a Microsoft blog. Microsoft's practice is to bill its hosting partners for SPLA licensing on a monthly basis, which helps hosting providers deal with shifts or "churn" in their subscriber base. SPLA licensees typically include managed service providers and hosting partners. Microsoft typically adjusts its SPLA pricing every year. The one exception to this price decrease in will be the SPLA cost of the Windows Server R2 Datacenter edition, which will increase 30 percent over the current year's price. Microsoft's blog makes the argument that the current price for the Windows Server R2 Datacenter SPLA is "a limited promotional price" that is half the cost of the original price. So, the 30 percent increase over this discounted price actually represents a lowered price, according to Microsoft's logic. Microsoft also contends that the server core capacity in Windows Server R2 Datacenter edition has doubled since the product's launch.

Evaluation Product Keys for Windows Server 2008 R2

Apr 14,  · As the most powerful edition of Windows Server R2, Datacenter provides your business with the capabilities it needs to keep up with your competitors. While there have been plenty of servers released since Microsoft Windows Server R2 Datacenter has all the essential features necessary to run all the latest business Microsoft. Windows Server is the most substantial upgrade to the Windows Server product line since Windows , with a sweeping set of capabilities and a reengineered core that will usher in a new era of bit server Paul Thurrott. Home» Cloud» What Does Windows Azure Cloud Computing REALLY Cost + How to SAVE Hence, if you are installing, Windows Server , Windows Server , Linux or other, the cost of the OS will not cost you more. The size of the machine does matter. Virtual Machine Manager VMM Windows Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows Azure Windows Server.

How much is Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter really cost?

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