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Printed Version When you order a printed Learning Guide, they arrive spiral bound and ready to use. Each guide includes a link to access the training files for practice exercises. Applicable guides also include Autodesk Certification Objectives as a helpful study aid for those who are preparing to take the Autodesk Professional Certification Exam. Learning Guides: Keyword searches are available within the eBooks and users can choose their preferred layout for viewing the courseware. Similar to the printed guide, eBooks are yours to keep once purchased. Available in Print and eBook Versions An Instructor Guide provides you with all that you need to teach the training course. It contains all the same instructional content as a Learning Guide, along with the answers to the chapter review questions and timing suggestions to help you in delivering various sections of the course. As was previously done, you will no longer be receiving any additional downloaded PDF documents containing our Instructor Tools. All information is included in the Instructor Guide and you are no longer required to purchase a separate copy of the Learning Guide. Instructor Guides Datasheet Instructor Tools: Some Instructor Tools also include overhead presentation files that can be used when teaching a class. Sold separately from the Student Guides and eBooks, Instructor Tools are an ideal support tool for those teaching the courseware, however, they are available for purchase by anyone who is interested. Our eLearning content includes a variety of types of learning elements that appeal to multiple learning styles. With step-by-step procedures, hands-on practice exercises, and review questions to validate understanding, eLearning users have access to the latest versions of the key titles for each software product included in each bundle.

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