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While presumably done to maintain compatibility with all fonts in existence (including ones created many years ago), this situation is also favorable to a vulnerability hunter, since: the implementations of legacy or deprecated features that have not been heard of for a long time are frequently affected by security vulnerabilities, as other developers or researchers might have not been aware of the "hidden" functionality, which may thus have remained untested for many years.

The last noteworthy discovery I made while delving into the interpreter was that the PostScript operand stack (with a maximum of 48 32-bit elements) was implemented in the form of a local array on the interpreter's function stack, and called "op_stk" according to various debug messages referring to it.

The current position on the stack was indicated by a local pointer called "op_sp", which would be originally set to op_stk[0]and then incremented or decremented depending on the executed PostScript commands.

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