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And even if the license agreements did somehow bind Vernor, at most Vernor could be guilty of breach of contract, not copyright infringement, which makes the use of the DMCA inappropriate. After the fifth such altercation, eBay suspended his account, preventing him from earning a living for a month. Jones relied on the First Sale Doctrine, which ensures the right to re-sell used copies of copyrighted works. Quacks like a duck But as Vernor's lawyers pointed out , the distinction between a lease and a sale is based on the actual characteristics of the transaction, not merely on how the transaction is described by the parties. Share on Reddit A federal district judge in Washington State handed down an important decision this week on shrink-wrap license agreements and the First Sale Doctrine. It is the principle that makes libraries and used book stores possible. He argued that under the First Sale Doctrine, he was entitled to re-sell authentic copies of Autodesk's software with or without the company's permission.


Autodesk Smoke for Mac — Overview

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